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    Swift mission report 

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    to help with food pantry?

     By PATE CARDWELL and AL SPROUSE | mission elders 

    Food pantry
    On Nov. 27, our Swift Food Pantry provided Thanksgiving meal ingredients to 57 families, with a total of 150 individuals within those families. Thanks to everyone who helped make the holiday special for these families. The pantry served 42 families that included 121 individuals on Nov. 13. We appreciate the hard work and devotion from all of the volunteers at our food pantry.

    Thanksgiving was made special for the families that visited our food pantry on the 27th. In addition to the regular bags of groceries, the visitors to the food pantry received the special Thanksgiving Day items that were donated by our Swift family members.

    The food pantry will be open again on the second Wednesday, Dec. 11, from 10 a.m. until noon. It will be closed on the fourth Wednesday because it is Christmas Day but will reopen on Jan. 8.

    Elberta Elementary School
    It has become a special mission to serve Elberta Elementary with its needs for children that are less privileged in our community. Swift Presbyterian Church has continued to restock the school’s need for more snacks. Our “two cents a meal” donations support this mission.

    Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch
    Residents of the Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch joined our Swift family for worship on Nov. 17. Mark Melton, fellowship elder, coordinated lunch after the 10 a.m. service with the attendees from the Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch as our guests of honor. Donations from the luncheon attendees that totaled $426 were shared with the Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch.

     Our support to the Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch can be extended in other ways also. They are looking for a Christian, mission-minded couple to join their staff as relief house-parents with some light maintenance duties. This is a full-time, live-in position with benefits. If you know of anyone who could be interested, have them call (251) 989-6392.

    Presbyterian Home for Children
    Our mission focus for December is the Presbyterian Home for Children.

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