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    Swift mission report 

    Would you lend a hand
    to help with food pantry?

     By PATE CARDWELL and AL SPROUSE | mission elders 

    Food pantry
    Our Swift food pantry served 37 families that included 87 individuals on Sept. 11. We had a new client at our food pantry. In an effort to expand our local mission service, the Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch in Baldwin County is supplementing its groceries from our food pantry. We are pleased to be able to offer our help to them. On Sept. 25, our food pantry served 38 families with a total of 73 individuals within those families. We appreciate the hard work and devotion from all of the volunteers at our food pantry. Plus the bounty of donations that make the food pantry possible is a gift from God, delivered by the loving people of Swift.

    It is now time for our food pantry to make preparations for Thanksgiving. The following items need to be donated on or preferably before Nov. 24. To help make someone’s Thanksgiving, consider sharing canned ham, small frozen turkey, frozen chicken, box of dressing, cream of mushroom soup, cranberry sauce, canned yams, canned green beans, instant mashed potatoes, gravy mix, canned vegetables, cake mix, frosting, brownie mix, and/or cookie mix.

     † † † 

    Elberta Elementary School
    It has become a special mission to serve the school with needs for the children that are less privileged in our community. Swift Presbyterian Church has restocked EES’s need for more snacks during September. Other churches assist the school with complete uniforms for the students that have that need. Swift, with the help of school staff, has discovered a need that has been overlooked in the past. Occasionally, students will arrive at school wearing inappropriate clothes. It could be something that is torn, ill-fitting, or not uniform-approved. Swift has donated dozens of clothing articles for girls and boys during September to fulfill that immediate need for these children. Don’t forget that our “two cents a meal” donations support this mission.

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    Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch
    We have extended an invitation, which has been accepted, to the Alabama Sheriffs Boys Ranch to join our Swift family for worship on Nov. 17. Mark Melton, fellowship elder, has offered to host lunch after the 10 a.m. service with the attendees from the boys ranch as our guests of honor. Everyone’s attendance is always encouraged.

    Our support to the boys ranch can be extended in other ways also. They are looking for a Christian, mission-minded couple to join their staff as relief house-parents with some light maintenance duties. This is a full-time, live-in position with benefits. If you know of anyone that could be interested, have them call (251)989-6392.

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    Thank you, Swift Presbyterian Church family
    The Swift Presbyterian Church family has a giving heart and the mission committee is honored to serve God on your behalf. Thank you, each and every one.

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