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     Mission and service
    Swift mission report 

    Would you lend a hand
    to help with food pantry?

     By PATE CARDWELL and AL SPROUSE | mission elders 

    Food pantry
    Our Swift Food Pantry served 26 families consisting of 69 people on July 10, and we served 27 families consisting of 56 people on July 24. We sincerely appreciate the time and talents that are volunteered by so many to keep the food pantry working to provide for the less-fortunate in our community. Lee Mansell has not only volunteered herself but she has provided several fixtures of shelves to accommodate our food pantry with the room needed for our expansion of God’s word locally.

    Please, don’t be shy. Time and talents are needed at our food pantry. Call Tina Sprouse at (251) 510-5444, she will be glad to help you find a suitable way for you to extend God’s love to others. Don’t think of what you can’t do. Look for what you can do through God.

     † † † 

    Elberta Elementary School
    Swift’s “local community support” has a mission at Elberta Elementary School. As you are certainly aware, Elberta Elementary is our newest mission. This mission is being supported by our “two cents a meal” donations for daily snacks for the less-privileged students in all the classes at the school.

    But the needs of Elberta Elementary School go beyond snacks. They have reached out for help with some immediate needs:

    Volunteers to help with kindergarten-through-second-grade lunch on Aug. 14-16, 5–10 volunteers each day.

    School uniforms: Any would be welcomed, but most needed are tennis shoes, underwear, socks, and larger shorts/pants. (Youth 10–12, 14–16, and adult size small/medium).

    School supplies: pencils, washable markers, backpacks, and plastic folders.

    Your donations can be brought to Swift for delivery to the school.

    Our invitation to the faculty and staff of Elberta Elementary for a back-to-school lunch on Aug. 8 has been accepted with enthusiasm. We anticipate 70 to 75 guests for this luncheon. This opportunity to express our thanks and admiration to these professionals will be coordinated by Mark Melton, fellowship elder.

    Many Swift members and their talents of hosting will be needed to make this luncheon a success.

     † † † 

    Living Waters for the World
    On Aug. 4, Swift will collect a special offering that will be donated to Living Waters for the World. Living Waters trains, equips, and supports volunteers in forming global, clean-water mission partnerships. Everyday people are empowered to change lives through clean water. And their mission field is the world.

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