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 We love our church

‘So much more than just a church’

Swift Presbyterian is so much more than just a church. Swift is where I came to know Jesus Christ. Swift is where my kids have come to know Jesus Christ. But it wasn’t the building that did that.

What makes the church building so unique is the love of Jesus Christ that went into it, that goes into it every day. It starts with one family and continues down the line.

And for me personally, my family roots are so tightly intertwined I pray they never unravel. Swift Church is full of wonderful and amazing people that serve God every day. To be a part of such a wonderful family of God is very humbling.

Swift is more than somewhere I get up and go on Sunday morning. It’s a place of peace, happiness, forgiveness, understanding and love. It is my home.

— Tracy Barnwell Akins

Why I go to Swift Presbyterian Church …

— Daryl Pichoff

What Swift Church means to us

For several years, we visited different churches trying to find our church home.

After [Pastor] Keith came back from his sabbatical [2012] we decided to visit Swift. When we left after the service, Chuck and I looked at one another and said we found our home. It was the first time we felt like we were in church for a long time, because of the love and caring we felt when we visited. Also, Chuck and I went home and talked about the sermon, which we have never done before.

We decided that we wanted to be a part of the Swift Church family and join but not get too involved. Just go to church and come home. (That didn’t work out. They are very involved in all aspects of mission and ministry. — Editor)

God works in mysterious ways.

— Chuck and Betty Carneal

‘Why should we come to your church?’

There are many reasons why we come to Swift Presbyterian Church to worship. The best part of walking into our church is seeing familiar and smiling faces. We love how warm and inviting everyone is to us and feel as though these people really do care about us.

We have grown up at Swift and have grown to realize that we enjoy the more-traditional services. Although we have also come to realize that bands, flashy lights, and fog machines do not help us focus on the word of the Lord we are happy that our generation is still going to church and finding their own way to nurture their relationship with God. We feel as though we are able to take in the service and really contemplate the sermons better in the traditional setting.

The sermons have taught us so many things. Pastor Keith brings in everyday issues and connects them with the teachings of God. I feel the reason that we go to church is to learn how we can serve God and help our faith grow in our everyday lives.

Being a part of the Swift Presbyterian Church family has led us to growth in God. We have learned that kindness, compassion, and understanding are always the answers. We have learned that we may not be worthy but we are loved regardless of our sin. Sometimes people (and even us sometimes) feel as though church is a chore but as soon as you walk into Swift, you know you were meant to be there.

— Haley and Kristin Underwood

What Swift Church means to me …

Swift is the place where I have most often seen the face of Christ and heard the voice of God. It is the place where I have been comforted, challenged, encouraged and nurtured in my faith journey. It is the place where I found acceptance and the courage to lead. During my 40 years of attendance, there have been times when I have been hurt and disappointed and times when I have hurt and disappointed others.

Swift is also the place where I have learned the sweetness and peace of forgiveness. It is where my mother found grace before her death … where I married my husband … where my children and grandchildren have found family and where they witness agape love lived out.

My father’s house is my compass, beacon, shelter and peace within the storm. My attendance lends order to my weeks and gives a greater purpose and meaning to my life.

— Debbie Schmidt

It’s the touch and whisper of the Lord:
‘Come on in, child — you are always welcome.’

Being asked why I’m a member of Swift, my thoughts ran deep.

Was it because while living in Florida our summers were spent going to Bible school at the little church? Chick being our teacher made it fun every year.

Was it because my grandmother played the piano all those years in the little church, singing along every word?

Was it because the Easter egg hunts were the best in the open fields around the church?

Could it have been when Ms. [Therese] Roberts always let us run down to the creek after church?

Around 40 years ago when we joined the church and were baptized in this small church, I became a spouse in this church and two of my children were baptized in the small church. My roots run deep and branched into the new church with my baby girl being the first baptized in it. My great-aunt Mysie Rockstall was the first in this small church.

So many fond memories of weddings, and too many memories of those to whom I’ve said goodbye in this church, my dad being the hardest.

Really it could be because my mother still attends along with many other family and friends. That I have grown up here, not always being the best at attending, but my heart was always here, and the Lord knew. The service is always a lesson to be learned and pondered throughout the week.

But the true reason I belong to Swift Presbyterian is the feeling I get when I come down that drive. My thoughts of my busy week are forgotten, the weight on my shoulders is lifted, and a calmness covers me like no other. My heart is good. I am home and I feel the touch of Our Lord and him whispering:

“Come on in, child — you are always welcome.”

My grandmother Thelma Kaechele always reminded me of Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

— Becky Underwood

Why I keep coming back to Swift …

Gail started attending Swift last year. Here’s why she keeps returning:

I go back to the first Sunday I attended Swift. My sister and I visited. We were met at the door with smiles and welcoming. Pastor Keith came to us before we even got seated and introduced himself with a smile and a handshake. I have been accepted and welcomed by the congregation and included in activities. These are some of the reasons I attend Swift Church:

■ I feel God’s presence.
■ I thoroughly enjoy the messages.
■ I like and appreciate the serving of communion on a regular basis.
■ I have joined the beginner bells and chimes and that fills my heart with great joy.
■ I have been asked to read the Scripture on Sunday morning, which gives me acceptance by the congregation and officers.
■ I was invited to join the get-togethers at lunches and dinners.
■ I attend the Genesis study — the first study of that type I have ever done.
■ I thank God for leading me to Swift.

— Gail Skinner

What does Swift Church mean to you?

The true meaning of church family.

Myself, my husband, and two of my three children were baptized there. My wedding. Where my relationship with Jesus became personal and started to mature.

I could go on and on, as there are so many reasons this church will always be in my heart and prayers.

— Cassie Woodall

How has Swift Church touched your life?

‎►Swift has taught me to not accept less in a church. I joined one Sunday [April 14] that seems to be a clone of Swift. It felt so good after eight months without a church [after moving to Illinois]. I love you all.

— Nancy Hope

►I have never been to a church where the people and pastor made you feel as welcome as they do at Swift.

— Dorothy Warren (8:00)

►I was baptized at Swift and had my wedding there.

— Karen Croxell

►My ancestors attended Swift four generations before me. My heritage is rooted in the little church by the creek.

— Julie Jensen Seabrook

►By reaching out even though you knew me not. 

— Eliza Salas

►Our children were baptized at Swift.

— Nancy Kichler Johnson

►Our son Peter Niedermeyer was baptized there.

— Deb Niedermeyer

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