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       Passionate worship
      to worship

       This Sunday 

       July 18 • 2021 
       Eighth Sunday after Pentecost 

      ‘Soil Samples’
      First sermon in a series,
       ‘Locating Your Place in God’s Story’

      Mark 4:1–20
      — The Rev. Keith Cardwell

       ►Congregational meeting, 9:50 a.m. 

      This is to choose four members of the nominating committee, to serve with Elders Mark Melton and Mike Barnwell and Deacon Betty Sizemore.

      If you are willing to serve, please accept this responsibility when nominated.

       ►In-person worship at 10 a.m.,
           live-streaming on Facebook 

      ■ We will worship inside the sanctuary.

      ■ To join “live stream” worship, go to Facebook — Swift Presbyterian Church.

      ■ Time with the children

      ■ Worship services will be available for viewing after “live stream” on the church website.

      ■ Join us for fellowship time after worship. Snacks and beverages will be available outside the sanctuary.


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       Looking ahead . . . 
      Never underestimate
      the power of prayer

      No problem you might have
      is too big for God to handle.

      The peace of Christ be with you—
      —and also with you.
      Passing the peace is a deeply theological practice of reconciliation not replicated in secular culture.
      We greet each other in Christ, laying aside our differences — at least for the hour.

      ‘Time with the children’
      Our 10 a.m. services normally include
      this segment focused on young worshipers.

      Food pantry update 

      The Swift Church food pantry served 19 families and 32 individuals on July 14.

      The pantry will be open again on July 28 from 10 to 11 a.m. to serve the community.

      Swift Church offers children’s church (grades K–4) during the 10:00 service after “Time with the children.” It normally is offered each Sunday except for communion Sundays. There is no children’s church at this time.

      —  ——

      ►Connect with God.
      ►Connect with other believers.

      ———— ———

       Remember the old rugged cross. 


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       B ecause God is with you
      all the time,
      no place is any closer to God
      than the place
      where you are right now.

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      Foley, AL 36535
      Phone: (251) 943-8367