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     Men of Swift

    Men of Swift has occasional outings
    with food, fun and camaraderie

    Wives or partners are welcome to join us. For more information, call Jim Runtz at 251-923-8169. RSVP encouraged.


    Are you interested in forming
    a ‘Men of Swift’ organization?

    Below you will find a letter from Jim Runtz to all of the adult males in our church family outlining a program of service and social participation in existing and future church activities. I ask the “men of Swift” to read this letter and call me if you are interested in this proposal in any way. Thank you. — Jim Runtz


    Men of Swift:

    I have been asked to present an idea to the men of Swift in order to enhance better social interaction and to provide for the church in general.

    I would like to get a perspective and interest in organizing the “Men of Swift” to provide services for our congregation (both individual members “in need” and the church itself). These services would come in various forms. For example:

    ● Any men with light carpentry/electrical/plumbing and/or available for transportation duty to assist our church members “in-need” (those with short- or long-term medical disabilities who could really use a helping hand with minor repairs or transport to a medical appointment)

    Enhanced social interaction:

    ● Better participation in our Guys’ Night Out monthly supper. We have gone from 15 people to four. Need ideas to improve.

    ● Periodic social get-togethers: IDEAS: Coffee with speakers on: current events/updates from civic leaders in the community/church-related updates/new services available to people

    ● Event activities: Naval Air Station Pensacola museum trip, U.S.S. Alabama attraction, University of South Alabama baseball games (ticket source available), golf outing promotion within the church

    ● Organize a softball game with a sponsored picnic on church grounds.


    All of the above are just the beginning of numerous ideas in which the “Men of Swift” could involve themselves. But the key is your individual and collective interest. Please reply to me confidentially with your comments, ideas, and desire to participate. I will keep each and every reply in the strictest confidence, whether it is “Don’t bother,” “waste of time” or “Yeah … we can and should do this.”

    I will entertain any and all ideas to enhance this effort, and will report on this initiative in the near future. Thank you for your time in addressing this request and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Jim Runtz, 923-8169      

    Swift Church member     

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