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     Passionate worship
    Swift worship report 

    Prayer and scripture
    readers sought

     By GREG McNAIR | worship elder 

    Would you like to help spread the Word of God to the people of God during our 10:00 worship services at Swift Church?

    Is the Lord leading you to share your leadership and communication gifts in this way from time to time?

    Maybe you have wanted to give of yourself in this way but have never been asked. We’d like to help make that happen and get different people involved. The elder of the month is responsible for reading or getting someone to read the prayer of illumination and the Scripture that leads into the day’s sermon. Sometimes the elders just don’t know who they should ask, and that’s why the worship committee would like to compile a list of those who are willing to serve. We will make that list available to each of our active ruling elders.

    If you are concerned about how to pronounce unfamiliar names of people and places, don’t worry. The pastors or worship elder will be glad to help. In addition, there are many websites featuring free pronunciation guides.

    The church office sends the prayer and Scripture to the reader in advance via email.

    Please let Greg McNair know if you are willing for us to add you to a contact list — or if you have questions.

    † † †

    ■ Once again, I commend all of our outstanding worship volunteers for jobs well done. Thank you so much. It means a lot to have people who are committed to serving the Lord and this church and willing to step up and do what is needed and do it well. If you would like to help in some way, please let me know. We can fit you into the schedule for the upcoming quarter that starts in October or let you fill in as a substitute before then as needed. We always need a person or two to help collect the offering and we need folks who are willing to lead “time with the children,” read the prayer for illumination and the scripture, and watch over babies and young children in the nursery. We can also use help in keeping the pew racks stocked with cards, pencils sharpened, etc. We could use some additional acolytes to bring in and take out the light, too. There are no age restrictions for that, although the older children seem to feel that is for the younger kids. Adults can do it, too — and sometimes we do. Is God calling you to help?

    † † †

    When worshipers visit a church for the first time, what makes them decide to return?

    Sure, many things can figure into the equation, such as theology, structure and length of the worship service, worship time and location. But I would say the top factor is how the visitors are treated — how did they feel when they were at church and how did they feel when they reflected on the experience later.

    I guess a few people want to visit a church and blend into the woodwork quietly and leave right away, practically without being noticed.

    However, we on the worship committee think most people will be more likely to come back if they feel the presence of God and are shown radical hospitality — being greeted warmly and having several people talk to them and show that the pastors and congregation are glad that the visitor is among us.

    As worship elder, I think our church does a pretty good job with this, but all in the church family constantly need to be mindful of new faces among us so that no one “falls through the cracks” and walks away with a poor impression of who we are and why we are here. We are the hands and feet of Christ in this place — and when we walk out of the church doors.

    † † †

    ■ Come join us for worship, study, fellowship and mission work at Swift Church.

     † † † 

    ■ If you have ideas relating to the worship experience, please feel free to share them with any of us. The committee includes Pastor Keith, Pastor Jody Beth, Music Director Lisa, Judy Walker, Shirley McCausland (our newest member) and your worship elder. Is God leading you to join the team?

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