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     Passionate worship
    Swift worship report 

    A few changes happening
    with worship volunteers

    Some changes are happening regarding worship volunteers for our 10:00 services.

    This is because we have fewer people volunteering these days. The worship committee has decided that two greeters/ushers are sufficient for each Sunday. They will need to ask for help with the offering.

    Our new rotation schedule begins with the first Sunday of February. We have four greeter/usher teams and they will serve every four weeks. I will be a “floater” and ready to assist as needed on most Sundays unless I am serving as the liturgist.

    We also decided that one acolyte is sufficient to bring in and take out the light when two are not available. However, we realize that youngsters often prefer to do this when accompanied by a friend or relative. It is not just young children who can be acolytes. We are happy to offer instruction to all who are interested. Youth or adults can serve. Our greeters or the worship elder will bring in and take out the light when needed.

    Children are welcome to open the doors, greet worshipers and hand out bulletins as they have done at various times in the past.

    Parents of babies and toddlers generally are keeping the children with them in worship, so there often is no need for our nursery attendants to actually go to the nursery. We need them to be available to serve if needed.

     † † † 

    If you haven’t picked up your volunteer schedule for February through May, please do so Sunday. They are in the back of the sanctuary.

     † † † 

    Please let me know if you or your child would like to be a worship helper. We can have you on reserve as a substitute or add you in the next quarter. Or if you feel God is leading you to volunteer as a scripture reader, please contact me. The elder designated as “elder of the month” (or week, in some cases) is responsible for reading the prayer of illumination and the scripture selected by the pastor or asking someone else to do it. I will be happy to let all elders know of your interest.

     † † † 

    When you see people you don’t know in worship, please introduce yourself to them and make them feel at home and invite them to come over for fellowship time. Remember, we practice radical hospitality here.

     † † † 

    I appreciate you and everyone in our Swift Presbyterian Church family.

     † † † 

    We are in the midst of Ordinary Time in the church year, and that continues until Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday on March 3. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 6.

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