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    We want your news that you think would be of interest to our Swift Presbyterian Church family. Please feel free to submit it on our news and photo submission form. Thank you.

     Swift currents
    ►Bringing you up to date . . .
    COVID-19 update 

    Swift Church events
    postponed or canceled

    ■ Our food pantry will be open
    as scheduled, from 10 a.m. until noon.

    ■ Worship is available online
    Sundays at 10 a.m. and afterward.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Swift Church will continue online worship only until further notice.

    Until we worship again in person in the sanctuary and chapel:

    ■ Worship online at 10:00 on Facebook or
    ■ Notify members who are not on Facebook so they are aware.
    ■ Continue to care for, check on, serve one another in our physical absence.
    ■ Let the church know of needs you have.
    ■ Share Swift’s Facebook posts with your friends
    ■ Pray, stay, obey, find a way.

    Also, thank you to those who have sent in your tithes and offerings. Salaries continue, ministry obligations continue. You may mail or direct deposit or give online. We have some financial reserves, but not long-term.

    Until further notice, most Swift Church events are postponed or canceled except for the food pantry, which will be open as scheduled.

    A letter was mailed to every household with more information.

    ■ View our Easter Sunday worship service.

    ■ Read the full letter.

    ■ View our Facebook feed on this site.

    ■ GIVE NOW to support the church.

    OR USE OUR PRAYER REQUEST FORM. or call 943-8367

    Please welcome our newest members 


    A safety team has been established for Swift Church. They are actively looking at ways as best as possible to provide a safe experience while people are on the Swift Church campus.

    ■ A stranger walks in on a few women working in the fellowship hall.
    ■ The church office staff is surprised by the appearance of a transient inside the building.
    ■ An 8:00 worshiper has a heart attack.
    ■ In a crisis, communication by cell phone is interrupted because of the metal building.
    ■ A teacher needs a parent but can’t leave the others in the class unattended.
    ■ Someone breaks the window and steals the TVs from the annex classrooms.

    These scenarios have happened or could happen any given week. To best be prepared for these and other emergencies, we need to purchase:

    trauma kits first-aid kits AED for chapel coded door locks panic bars for sanctuary doors fire extinguishers walkie-talkies security cameras (inside and outside) other items not yet identified.

    Here is a way you can help. You can provide designated financial support above and beyond your pledge to the church. The total for these items is somewhere around $4,000. They will be purchased as money is made available.

    If you would like to be part of the safety team, please talk with Marvin King, Al Sprouse, Jim Runtz, Don Aspray, or Pate Cardwell.

    Church elders, deacons, trustees elected

    Church officers were elected at a congregational meeting on Sept. 29. The slate of nominees was accepted as presented by the nominating committee.

    Elected were:

           Class of 2022 — Don Aspray, finance; Greg McNair, worship (returning); and Tracy Akins, youth

           Class of 2020 — Ella Thomas, fellowship
           Class of 2021 — Mary McNair, congregational care (returning)
           Class of 2022 — Betty Sizemore, Elinor Gartman and Jane King, all congregational care

           Class of 2021 — Eunice Ray
           Class of 2022 — Marlene Hastings

    New signs feature our church logo
    Have you seen our new sign at County Road 20 and Swift Church Road? Others have been installed at Juniper Street and County Road 20 — one most visible to people traveling east on 20 and the other most visible to people going south on Juniper.

    Extravagant generosity 

    Swift food pantry
    always needs your help

    On March 11, Swift Church’s food pantry served 54 people with 23 bags of groceries.

    The need is always great for food to help people in the community. If everyone brought one item this week or next, we could refill our shelves before the next distribution on March 25.

    We are out of a lot of groceries such as fruit, corn, carrots and bread. Other items that need to be restocked are: canned beans, fruits, soups, vegetables, tuna and other meats; boxed macaroni and cheese, instant potatoes, dry milk, hot and cold cereals; dried beans, rice, spaghetti pasta and sauce; peanut butter, jelly, and white bread.

    Thank you for caring and your extravagant generosity.

    Teens attend national youth conference
    at Montreat in North Carolina mountains

    Read more.]    [ Photo gallery]


    This project has turned out to be much more cumbersome than expected. We have had trouble getting people interested in a “small” job. The prices we have gotten were double what we were estimated in the fall of 2017 when we began fundraising.

    Work has been done on the driveway entrance. The road was widened to two lanes. Crushed asphalt was laid. This is prepared so that we can pave over this if funding allows. That was phase 1. Phase 2 included repairing the south end of the parking lot where the asphalt was breaking off and repair in front of the chapel where the dumpster truck has caused damage. This necessitated moving the dumpster, and a fence around it will be added. Phase 3 will be to improve drainage by raising up the driveway and sidewalk at the fellowship hall ramp. This area is under water when it rains.

    When these three crucial areas have all been addressed, we will reassess where we are and what funding remains. At that point we will decide how to proceed. Ideally there will be sufficient funding to get the entrance paved.

    Swift Church elders and deacons look to the future
    Photos and more information]

    Pastors, music director honored
    for 10 years of service to church

    We’re grateful to them for their leadership and loving care

    Swift Presbyterian Church celebrated the 10th anniversary of service for the Rev. J. Keith Cardwell, pastor; Lisa Cardwell, music director; and Jody Beth Melton, commissioned lay pastor, with cake and special plaques to commemorate this event. They were honored by the congregation at the stewardship tailgate party on Nov. 4, 2018.

    Pastor Keith and Lisa thanked the congregation “for your generous love and support of our ministry together at Swift.”

    Pastor Jody Beth also thanked the congregation, saying, “It is a joy to pastor and be a part of such a loving church family.”

    The three were also recognized during worship services in October (Pastor Appreciation Month). They were presented gift certificates on behalf of church officers, staff and the congregation.


    Swift Church is looking for committed folks to work with the food pantry:

    ■ Distribution helpers on second and fourth Wednesday mornings

    Please notify the office if you can assist.

    Want to learn how to serve the church as a projectionist?

    Swift Church is looking for folks to learn how to be projectionist on Sundays. This involves loading up the bulletin material, any photos, announcements, etc., and operating the projectors in the loft on Sunday mornings.

    Usually, projectionists take a month turn at a time, generally three times a year. Those who already know how to do this will train you. Contact the church office or Pastor Keith.

    223rd Presbyterian General Assembly concludes in St. Louis
    [ Use this link to get the latest news about it.]

    Church honors graduates of 2018
    [ See a photo and read more.]

    Remember the driveway fund
    — to widen, repair and resurface
    the church driveway and parking areas.

    $20,000 projected cost
    Have you made a pledge or donation yet?

    Donated items help support Repair Baldwin efforts

    Please bring items to be donated to Emmy’s Thrift Shop in Fairhope to support the ecumenical group Repair Baldwin. This group is working to repair homes in Baldwin County for those who are not able to do it themselves. Emmy’s is located at 564 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope; phone: (251) 990-8995;

    Intentional faith development 

    Nine young people complete confirmation class
    and become members of Swift Church

    [ Read more.]



    Mission and service 


    Susie Alexander is our “go-to lady” to schedule flowers for worship. Many of you had previously reserved certain dates “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone or for a special event in your life. Please contact Susie by telephone or email to schedule that special date. She can be reached at 943-4145 or


    Swift youth T-shirts available for purchase

    The youth of the church have Swift youth T-shirts available for sale. They are $10, and you can choose between blue and gray and sizes small, medium and large. Contact Ginny Kleinschmidt or a member of the youth group for more information.​​


    Hearing assistance devices available in sanctuary
    Hearing assistance devices are available in the back of the sanctuary during worship services.
    Please ask a greeter.



    Are you willing to provide a meal for a youth event?

    Please consider providing a meal for a youth event (grades 5–12). To find out more, contact Kathy Menk by calling her at home (971-6509) or by sending an email to

    Swift Presbyterian Church people 

    For news about Swift Church people and their achievements, awards and activities, click here.

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