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       Presbyterian Home for Children

      Jim Runtz and Chuck Carneal

      We wish to provide, to the members of our congregation, a quick update on the status of the Presbyterian Home for Children from our recent board of trustees meeting May 2.

      It was noted by President Mark Howard that for the first time in recent memory, the home will finish its fiscal year in the black (actually operating at a residual profit). We have not had to access funds from our endowment in order to balance the books. This is due in large part to the individual and church donation uptick that has occurred over the last year since we have reduced our dependency on the state Department of Human Resources funding.

      We are well on our way to securing accreditation through EAGLE (Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence), the only faith-based accrediting body in the world. We have been deep into due-diligence to gain this accreditation over the last year, and anticipate completion of this process by this coming July. Note: this accreditation process will enhance the reputation of the home, improve its processes and open new grant qualification.

      The home is looking to expand its services into the other presbyteries in the state (North and South) and the areas of the state where no services are available.

       In July, we will be adding two families to supportive housing in Athens through Copeland Presbyterian Church in July.

       A day shelter for homeless families is in development in partnership with the Sheffield Housing Authority and First Presbyterian Church, Sheffield.

       Finally, we will be adding 28 visually impaired adults to our supportive housing on campus in conjunction with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind.

      Some metrics regarding our current census:

       On campus: Moderate residential (through state DHR), eight girls

       Secure Dwellings: 11 women and 19 children

       Transitional Living (18–24 ages) 11 young women

       Supportive Housing: one woman, seven children (Talladega); two adults, one child (Anniston)

       Family Bridges (off-site counseling of troubled families): 19 adults, 21 children

      In conclusion: Besides representing you on the board of trustees, the church (Swift) has increased its financial giving to the home in recent years. Our pastor continues to participate in the annual charity bike-a-thon. This last meeting, we brought 200–300 pounds of clothing, bedding and appliances to the home for use and/or resale in their thrift shops. The home thanks you all for your generosity.

      [ Read more about the home on its website.]

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