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     Sunday announcements

     Jan. 24 • 2021 
     Third Sunday after Epiphany

    Five practices of fruitful congregations  

    Passionate worship 

    ‘Following Jesus’

    Mark 1:14–20
    — The Rev. Keith Cardwell

    ■ In-person and online services

     — 10 a.m. — 
    In-person worship service
    With masks and social distancing

    ■ With colder weather, we plan to worship in the sanctuary each Sunday.

     — 10 a.m. and later — 
    Online worship service

    ■ This service is available at, on the Swift Presbyterian Church Facebook page and on YouTube.

    ■ Scripture reading: Raymond Langley

    ■ Time with the children: Dorothy Warren

    Important message ... 

    ... regarding COVID-19 and worship

    The COVID-19 vaccines are now being distributed to level 1a and 1b Alabama residents. COVID-19 vaccination appointments available for Alabamians 75 years and older, first responders (including law enforcement and firefighters) statewide effective Jan. 18, as healthcare workers and others continue to be vaccinated. If you qualify, please consider receiving the vaccine.

    COVID cases in Baldwin County have decreased — although they are still high. This virus has brought grief to several families in our Swift community. Several churches in our area have experienced small clusters of outbreaks within their faith communities. Remember, the Swift Church leadership works diligently to provide safe (as possible), in-person worship. Thank you for your part in making gathering for worship as safe as possible by practicing safety measures while on the campus. Remember, do not attend if you have COVID-19, flu, or cold symptoms. When present wear a mask, use sanitizer, and keep a safe distance from others.

    — Pastor Keith, Swift Church

    ►Check deposit schedule changes 

    The schedule for check deposits is changing, effective this month. Previously, checks received during Sunday worship and via mail were deposited each week on Monday. In the future, deposits will be made on Tuesdays and Fridays biweekly. Please allow for adequate time for deposits to be posted to your account as we implement this schedule. Thanks for your patience.

    ►Volunteers for online worship 

    As more children drop out as acolyte volunteers, or adults as “time with the children” volunteers, Greg McNair needs your help by offering to be a part of these important endeavors of our online worship services. It only takes a few minutes of your time to record your part of the service and does not have to be done each week. Contact Greg at 251-965-1003 or

    Radical hospitality 

    We continue to practice radical hospitality by ongoing contact with our church family. Let us welcome God in, receive God’s love and make room for God in our lives. Let us pray that we all will soon be together again, focusing on receiving God’s love and sharing it with others.

    Intentional faith development 
    ►‘Snacks with Susan and Daryl’ Sunday school class 

    We will meet again this Sunday at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall.

    A new series featuring Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, will take a detailed and colorful overview of Matthew 5–7, collectively known as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Through Dr. Levine’s engaging method of biblical interpretation, class participants should come away with a solid understanding of the Sermon on the Mount in its historical and theological context.

    ►Adult Sunday school class led by Cheryl Jensen 

    Class will start again! On Sunday Jan. 31, we will continue our study of the New Testament  with the book of Titus. Titus was a special friend of Paul’s.

    Please come join us. Wear your mask and we will social distance.

    ►Online ‘Zoom’ Bible study 

    The Thursday morning Bible study group will meet this week, via Zoom. Please contact Pastor Jody Beth, 251-213-6625, for more information if you wish to join this group.

    Come journey with fellow believers this Lenten season. Beginning Feb. 11, Pastor Jody Beth and Philip will lead “The Season of Lent” as an online Bible study.

    We will meet on Zoom weekly from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

    Risk-taking mission and service 
    ►Food pantry update 

    The food pantry served 11 people and fed 27 on Jan. 13.

    The pantry will be open on Wednesday, Jan. 27, from 10 to 11 a.m.

    If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact Dorothy Warren at 424-5117.

    ►Swift financial help 

    If you are in financial need from lack of work, medical bills, or other reasons, please contact pastors Keith or Jody Beth for financial assistance. Your generosity to the pastors’ discretionary fund allows us to provide those in need with financial support.

    ►Warning on email, text messages 

    If you receive an email or text message that appears to be from Pastor Keith requesting money or one that seems suspicious, please contact Pastor Keith before responding.

    Extravagant generosity 
    ►Tithes and offerings 

    Thank you for your generous and ongoing offerings. Your financial support, through checks or online giving through our website, enable Swift Church ministry to continue.

    ►Sanctuary flowers 

    Do you miss the beautiful flowers we used to see during Sunday morning worship? If you are interested in placing flowers in the church sanctuary this year, please contact Susie Alexander at 251-943-4145 or

    Prayers and joys 
    ►Please let us know . . . 

    Please call the church or email to notify us of any joys or concerns; birthdays, anniversaries, health issues or family deaths so that we may put it in the weekly emailed announcements for your church family to pray with you or to praise God for your joy. (We don’t publish personal prayer concerns on the website.), or

    ►Joys and celebrations 

    ■ Upcoming birthdays: Jan. 27 — Kevin Barnwell; Jan. 28 — Bob Hicks, Elinor Gartman; Jan. 31 — Baylee Thomason

    OR USE OUR PRAYER REQUEST FORM. or call 943-8367

    ►Pray for mission workers in Africa. 

    • Inge and Larry Sthreshley
    in Democratic Republic of Congo

    ►Pray for military friends and families. 

     Zane Brewer: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, N.C.
    • Dennis “Trey” Brown: U.S. Army, quarantined in Alaska
     Jeffrey Cain: U.S. Coast Guard, St. Petersburg, Fla.
     David Esparza: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, N.C.
    • Haleigh Fulmer: U.S. Marine Corps, Middle East
    • Cody Havel: U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, Fla.

    • Ryan Olson: Alabama National Guard, deployed to D.C.
     Jeremy Rechkemmer: U.S. Army in Kuwait
    • M.Sgt. Jason Rogers: U.S. Marine Corps, Nashville, Tenn.
    • Capt. Jeremy 
    Timm: National Guard, Arkansas

    • Tarah Young: U.S. Army, South Korea


    The Rev. Keith Cardwell, pastor: 251-923-6961
    Jody Beth Melton, assistant pastor:

    Lisa Cardwell, music director
    Abby Sikes, preschool director

    Church office: 251-943-8367
    Preschool website

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