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     Sunday announcements

     Jan. 12 • 2020 
     Baptism of the Lord Sunday 

    Elder of the month: Mike Barnwell
    Greeters: Lee Mansell, Lynda Walden
    Acolyte: ZoeyLynn Barnwell

    Time with the children: Debbie Schmidt
    Children’s church: Brandon and Annette Irwin
    Nursery: Ginny Kleinschmidt, Tara Morrow
    Sound technicians: Marvin King, Al Sprouse
    Projectionist: Bridgit Gosa
    Worship elder: Greg McNair

    Passionate worship 

    “Spiritually Farsighted”

    — The Rev. Keith Cardwell

    Scripture: Matthew 7:1–5

    Church officers will be ordained and installed at both services.

    ■ Please join us for “Swift Café” in the fellowship hall after the 10:00 worship service, serving a spaghetti meal and fellowship. This is a fundraiser for our young people to attend the Montreat Youth Conference. There will be a basket for donations. Take-out boxes will be available after both services. If you are worshiping with us for the first time, the meal will be a gift to you.

     — 8 a.m. — 
    Worship service in the historic chapel

     — 9 — 
    ■ Christian education for all ages:
    • Children in room 3 in the annex.
    Topic: Bible stories for children. Led by Kathy Menk.
    • Youth in room 4 in the annex.
    Topic: Advent. Led by Tara Morrow.
    • Younger adults in the chapel.
    Topic: Paul’s letters. Led by Andrew King.
    • Adults in room 2 in the annex.
    Topic: New Testament. Led by Cheryl Jensen.
    • Adults in fellowship hall. “Snacks With Susan and Daryl.”
    Topic: “God’s Messy Family.” Led by Susan and Daryl Pichoff.

     — 9:20 — 
    ■ Chancel choir rehearsal in the music room

     — 10 — 
    Worship service in the sanctuary
     Hearing assistance devices are available in the back
    of the sanctuary. Please see a greeter.
     After “Time with the children,” those in preschool
    and younger may go to the nursery.
    Those in grades K–4 may go to children’s church.

     — 11:15 — 

    Meal and fellowship at “Swift Café”
    Please join our youth and the church family after worship
    for a spaghetti lunch fundraiser. (See details above.)


    ■ Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help during John F. “Bud” Kaechele’s funeral this past week. Bud will be remembered and much loved by the community and congregation.

    ■ The food pantry served 27 people with 76 in their households on Jan. 8. Thanks to our volunteers who helped.

    ■ If you haven’t picked up your “word” for 2020, “star words” are still available in the back of the church. If this is a new tradition for you at Swift, for the coming year, we ask you to reflect on the word you choose. Ponder what significance this word might have in your life and how God might be speaking to you through that simple message.

    ■ Thanks to Mary McNair and Don Aspray for leading music today in the absence of Lisa Cardwell.

    Getting involved at Swift this week 

    Sunday, Jan. 12 — No chancel choir rehearsals

    Thursday, Jan. 16 — Bible study on the Gospel of Matthew resumes, 10 to 11:30 a.m.; will be studying lesson 5.

    Thursday, Jan. 16 — Butterfly Girls and Guys Night Out, 6:30 p.m. at Portabella’s Restaurant in beautiful downtown Foley. Please let Mary McNair know by that morning (but sooner is really helpful) if you are coming. You can reach Mary by phone or text at 251-295-5267 or by emailing

    Getting involved at Swift: upcoming 

    Sunday, Jan. 19 — We will collect our “two cents a meal” offering. This helps to buy supplies, snacks, etc., for Elberta Elementary School children.

    Sunday, Jan. 19 — The session will meet immediately after the 8:00 and 10:00 services to receive people into membership.

    Wednesday, Jan. 22 — Food pantry distribution, 10 a.m. to noon in the fellowship hall

    Thursday, Jan. 22 — Bible study on the Gospel of Matthew, 10 to 11:30 a.m.; will be studying lesson 5.

    Youth group activities 

    Sunday, Jan. 12 — “Swift Café” (youth fundraiser), immediately after 10:00 worship in the fellowship hall

    Wednesday, Jan. 15 — Refuel for youth, 6 to 8 p.m. at Norm and Debbie Schmidt’s house

    Montreat is coming up soon. The $100-per-student deposit for the Montreat Youth Conference is due April 1.


    If you haven’t checked our website lately, or never, you may want to take a look at it — You will find all the latest information about Swift happenings, upcoming events, pictures, our history, and more. Both written and video copies of worship services are also just a click away. This would be a great way to hear and/or read the sermons when you have to miss Sunday worship service. “Thank you” to Greg McNair for keeping us up to date.

    New adult study begins 

     ‘God’s Messy Family’

    The “Snacks with Susan and Daryl” adult Sunday school class has started a new study called “God’s Messy Family.” In this video-based series, pastor and author Jacob Armstrong takes an in-depth look at our faith and lineage, focusing specifically on the messy family dynamics found in the book of Genesis. The class meets weekly at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall.

    We appreciate our volunteers 

    Next Sunday, Jan. 19

    Acolyte: Lainey Thomas
    Time with the children: Jane King
    Greeters: Susie Alexander and Janelle Armbruster
    Children’s church: Jane King and Carlie Sims
    Nursery (if needed): Pate and Brett Cardwell

    Flowers for 2020 

    There are blank calendars in the narthex and chapel for you to sign up for your flower “offerings” for 2020. Or you can contact Susie Alexander at 251-943-4145 or to reserve your date or call the office. Think of Valentine’s Day!

    We need your help in making the church “bloom” this year!

    We have vases available if you would like to borrow one to make your own arrangement.

    Joys and celebrations 

     Happy 10th Birthday to Sully Curry!

     Vina Tanner thanked everyone for prayers for Jim.

     Judy got a bichon puppy for Christmas and named him Toby (not Keith!).

    A few more notes ... 

    ■ Copies of Our Daily Bread and magazines are available at the back of the church.

    ■ Please use the prayer request cards found in the pews to add someone to our “joys and concerns” list. You can submit prayers and joys online through the church website.

    ■ Written and audio copies of sermons can be found on the church website.

    Pray for mission workers in Africa. 

    • Inge and Larry Sthreshley
    in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Pray for military friends and families. 

    • Sgt. 1C Marc Barkley: Afghanistan
    • Dennis Trey Brown: U.S. Army, Afghanistan
     Zane Brewer: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, N.C.
     David Esparza: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, N.C.
     Jeffrey Cain: U.S. Coast Guard, St. Petersburg, Fla.
     Jeremy Rechkemmer: U.S. Army in Stuttgart, Germany
     • Capt. Jeremy 
    Timm: National Guard in Arkansas
    • Cody Havel: U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, Fla.
     • M.Sgt. Jason Rogers: U.S. Marine Corps, Nashville, Tenn.


    The Rev. Keith Cardwell, pastor: 251-923-6961
    Jody Beth Melton, commissioned lay pastor:

    Lisa Cardwell, music director
    Abby Sikes, preschool director

    Church office: 251-943-8367

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