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     Sunday announcements


     April 21  2019 
     Resurrection of the Lord — Easter Sunday 

    Elder of the week: Pate Cardwell       Fellowship deacons: Kathy Knipe and Tina Sprouse
    Projectionist: Bridgit Gosa        Sound technician: Marvin King
    Greeters: Willard Penfold and Eunice Ray       Time with the children: Pate Cardwell
    Children’s church: None today       Nursery (if needed): Jane King and Brett Cardwell
    Acolyte: ZoeyLynn and Zadie Grace Barnwell

    Passionate worship 

    8 a.m.           Worship service in the historical chapel

    9                   No Sunday school today so everyone can enjoy our Easter breakfast

    9                   Please join us for breakfast in the fellowship hall, hosted by the deacons; everyone is invited and welcome.                     

    10                  Worship service in the sanctuary
                              Hearing assistance devices are available in the back of the sanctuary. Please see a greeter.
                               After “Time with the children,” those in preschool and younger may go to the nursery.
                                 Children in grades K–4 may go to children’s church.

    10                   Worship service in the sanctuary
                              Hearing assistance devices are available in the back of the sanctuary. Please see a greeter.
    11:15               Easter egg hunt on the grounds for children


    ♦ The Lord’s Supper will be served by intinction at both services. Everyone is invited to the table.

    ♦ Thank you to those who provided the Easter lilies today. Please see the bulletin insert. You may take your lily home with you after this worship service.

    ♦ Thank you to all who contributed to our One Great Hour of Sharing offering. We have exceeded our goal by collecting a total of $1,559.

    10:00 service — The handbell anthem “Majestic Alleluia” was purchased in memory of Wendell and Florine Williams, parents of Cathy Rogers and Lisa Cardwell, for the love of music they instilled in their children.


    Resurrection celebration, 8 and 10 a.m.

    Question for Jesus:
    “How can the dead rise?”

    ♦ Scripture: Luke 24:1–12

    Getting involved at Swift Church this week 

    Sunday, April 21 — No Bible study on the book of Genesis today

    Monday, April 22 — Pastor Keith begins his sabbatical leave. He will attend conferences, do self-study, and strengthen his overall physical, spiritual, and emotional health. He will return to the office on Monday, July 15. Please keep him and Lisa in your prayers. God be with you both.

    Tuesday, April 23 — Small-church forum, 11 a.m. at Providence Presbyterian, Mobile

    Tuesday, April 23 — Advanced handbell choir rehearsal, 5:30 p.m. in the sanctuary

    Tuesday, April 23 — No chancel choir rehearsal

    Wednesday, April 24 — Food pantry distribution, 10 a.m. to noon

    Wednesday, April 24 — No advanced handbell rehearsal

    Thursday, April 25 — Bible study on the book of Genesis, 10 to 11:30 a.m. in room 2 in the annex

    Friday, April 26 — English as a second language class, 9 to 11 a.m. in the fellowship hall

    Friday, April 26 — May newsletter deadline

    Saturday, April 27 — South Baldwin Literacy Council graduation, 10 a.m. to noon in our sanctuary

    Getting involved at Swift Church: upcoming 

    Sunday, April 28 — The Rev. Van Edington preaches.

    Sunday, April 28 — Chancel choir begins Sunday rehearsals, 9 a.m.

    Sunday, April 28 — Deacons meeting, 4 to 5:15 p.m. in room 2 in the annex

    Sunday, April 28 — Bible study on the book of Genesis, 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. in room 2 in the annex

    Wednesday, May 1 — Advanced handbell choir rehearsal, 5:30 p.m. in the sanctuary

    Thursday, May 2 — Bible study on the book of Genesis, 10 to 11:15 a.m. in room 2 in the annex

    Thursday, May 2 — “Two or More” fellowship lunch, 11:30 a.m. at O’Charley’s

    Friday, May 3 — English as a second language class, 9 to 11 a.m. in the fellowship hall

    Sunday, May 5 — The Lord’s Supper will be served by intinction at both services.

    Sunday, May 5 — Tenth annual Fred Vosloh Memorial Golf Tournament (See brochures in the back of the church.)


    ■ To Wil Tuggle and the Gulf Shores High School Environmental Academy for supplying our ferns, plants, and hanging baskets to decorate our church grounds today. If you would like to purchase a hanging basket, you can put a check for $15/basket in the offering plate, made payable to GSHS Environmental Academy, and then take your basket home with you today.

    ■ The youth made a profit of more than $1,300 from the fish fry and cookie sales. Thank you for making it possible to send our youth to the Montreat Youth Conference in June. A big thanks to all who cooked, baked and helped out that day.


    Your fellowship deacons, Kathy Knipe and Tina Sprouse, would appreciate your help in providing healthful and sweet snacks for fellowship time after 10:00 worship and/or your help with cleanup duty. A signup sheet is located in the fellowship hall. We have a lot of availability after today.  Reimbursement for expenses is available.

    Thank you to all who have signed up in the past few months. Everyone is enjoying the variety of fellowship treats.

     We appreciate our volunteers at Swift Church 

    Next Sunday, April 28

    Greeters: Lynn and Mike Barnwell       Acolyte: Sully Curry
    Time with the children: Debbie Schmidt       Nursery (if needed): Tracy Akins and Lisa Turner
    Children’s church: Debbie Schmidt and Megan Curry

    Please contact Susie Alexander to reserve your date.
    Call Susie or the office to sign up. You can reach Susie at 251-943-4145 or at

     Joys and celebrations 

     Anniversaries: Randy and Kathie LeDrew celebrated 51 years
    and John and Shirley McCausland celebrated 57. Congratulations to all.

     Lennox Irwin had a birthday on April 12.  Jim Parker — endoscopy with good results

     Foley and Daphne JROTC students participated in Bataan Death March on April 9 in memory of our fallen soldiers.

     Shirley Hughes was at 8:00 service and is visiting for the week.

     Cathy Rogers’s 6-year-old granddaughter ran a 10K and took second place in her age bracket.

     Vina Tanner gifted her Ethiopian Coptic Cross to Pastor Keith.

     ​A FEW MORE NOTES . . .

    ● Copies of Our Daily Bread and magazines are available at the back of the church.

    ● Please use the prayer request cards found in the pews to add someone to our “joys and concerns” list. You can submit prayers and joys online through the church website.

    ● Written and audio copies of sermons can be found on the church website,

    • Inge and Larry Sthreshley
    (in the Democratic Republic of Congo)


    • Sgt. 1st Class Marc Barkley and SPC Seth Pickens: Afghanistan
    • Zane Brewer and David Esparza: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, North Carolina
     Jeffrey Cain: U.S. Coast Guard, St. Petersburg, Florida  Jeremy Rechkemmer: U.S. Army in Stuttgart, Germany
    • Cody Havel: U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, Florida • Capt. Jeremy Timm: National Guard
     • M.Sgt. Jason Rogers (Cathy’s son): U.S. Marine Corps, San Diego, California
     • Rich Kleen: Vance Air Force Base, Enid, Oklahoma


    The Rev. Keith Cardwell, pastor: 251-923-6961

    Jody Beth Melton, commissioned lay pastor: 251-213-6625

    Lisa Cardwell, music director                 Ashley Cooper, preschool director

    Church office: 251-943-8367                 Preschool: 251-200-3840

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