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     Sunday announcements

     April 12 • 2020 
     Easter Sunday 

    Elder of the month: Brett Cardwell

    Passionate worship 

    ■ Our worship services will continue online at and on the Swift Presbyterian Church Facebook page for the month of April or until further notice due to the coronavirus restrictions. You can watch at 10 a.m. and whenever you choose after that.

     — 10 a.m. and later — 
    Worship service online only

    ‘Empty Church, Empty Tomb’
    John 20:1–18

    ■ “Jesus Christ Is Risen,” whether we meet together or not. Christ reigns. We will gather online to sing and rejoice in the “good news” of Jesus Christ. The Swift Church session has approved virtual communion for Easter. A ruling by the denomination has authorized this in light of this pandemic. You are asked to have bread and cup ready. Preferably grape juice or wine and bread or crackers. If you don’t have grape juice/wine, then water will do. At the appropriate time in the service, we will all receive the elements together.

    ■ Easter wreath craft kits were mailed to the children of the church this past week. If your child or grandchild did not receive one, we probably don’t have their name in the church database. Our apologies — we want all the kids to have one, and we do still have five kits. Please contact Pastor Jody Beth if you’d like one for your child and/or someone you’d like to give one to.

    ■ The Presbytery’s Good Friday worship is linked here. It also can be found on this page on our church website. You can connect at any time; however, Pastor Keith encourages us to worship as a community on Friday evening at 6.

    Radical hospitality 

    ■ Wear a flower or place an arrangement of flowers where your family gathers for virtual worship. Take a photo to post on Facebook or email to the church. Also, make and send a video of your family shouting that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. We’ll post these for all to see.

    ■ Thank you to my Swift family for all the beautiful cards we have received. They have been encouraging to me and so caring and loving to my family. When we get back to life (as it should be as God plans for us) I hope to be able to get back to church again. Bless all of you. — Stevie Walker

    ■ Ways to stay connected to our Swift Church family:

    ✔ Pray through the directory for individuals, for our pastors and other worship leaders.

    ✔ Pray for our church leaders who are making decisions to keep us safe.

    ✔ Make phone calls to check up on your pew partners.

    ✔ Ask God to direct you to call those who are lonely and need to hear a message of comfort or peace; just let them know you are thinking of them.

    Intentional Faith Development 
    The season of Lent 2020 

    4 Views Leading Up to Easter

    A journey through each gospel’s account of the passion story
    is available as a devotional.

    Daily readings are posted on Facebook or you can link to them from the church website.

    This devotional, a journey through each gospel’s account of the passion story, will conclude on Sunday. Daily readings are linked on this page on our website. We will leave it on the site for a few more weeks, for those of you who now have extra time on your hands and are looking for something to read. You can go back and start the readings from the beginning. Let’s use this time to dig deeper.

    Another online devotional is “Our Daily Bread” at If you are using an online devotional that you would like to recommend, please send the link to the church office and we may include it in announcements.

    Don’t stop reading your Bible and praying for the doctors, nurses, and scientists who are treating those ill and/or searching for a cure to this pandemic that is affecting all parts of the world.

    Online ‘Zoom’ Bible study 

    It’s open to all members and friends

    The Thursday morning Bible study scheduled to begin April 16 will be offered as an online study, through a tool called Zoom. It can be accessed on a computer or smart phone. We will “meet” Thursdays, 10 to10:40 a.m. We will also send out a weekly email to help keep us connected.

    Materials will be your Bible and a study book, Knowing the Bible: Exodus. We will be going through the book of Exodus chapter by chapter; an appropriate book to study in these days of what may feel like exile to many of us.

    More information is found in your April newsletter or contact Pastor Jody Beth, 251-213-6625.

    Risk-taking mission and service 
    Food pantry 

    The food pantry remains open every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon until further notice. If you, or someone you know, has a need for a food bag that includes a few paper products, please come see us. Thanks to all who have volunteered their time and/or donated money or items to keep our food pantry open.

    The Swift food pantry ordered and packed bags of the following items to share with the congregation in this time of crisis: green beans, spaghetti and sauce, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, grits, paper towels, and … toilet paper. This is being offered to all members and friends, to keep people from having to go to the store, and the food pantry has said “if your work hours have been cut, you are required to participate!” Contact Pastor Jody Beth, 213-6625 to have a bag dropped off outside your home or work.

    Extravagant generosity 
    Tithes and offerings 

    Although we are not meeting “in person,” please remember to mail or drop off your tithing and your special offering for “One Great Hour of Sharing” during this time of separation. You can also give online through the secure donation portal linked from our website.

    One Great Hour of Sharing 

    Although you may not be able to see it for the next few weeks, our contributions to One Great Hour of Sharing will continue with each blue shirt hung on the clothesline in the church representing $30 contributed. Part of this mission goes to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

    Now hiring 

    Swift Church announces an upcoming vacant position in the capacity of administrative assistant. Applicants should have good secretarial and people skills along with experience using word processing, spreadsheet, publishing software. Having knowledge using Facebook and other social media applications is an asset. This position is currently job-shared and requires working 24 hours a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) every other week. To apply, send a letter of interest and résumé to Pastor Keith Cardwell at or mail to Swift Presbyterian Church, 23208 Swift Church Road, Foley, AL 36535.

    Joys and celebrations 

    ■ Birthdays — Lennox Irwin, Brayden Hastings, Jim Runtz, Haley Underwood

    ■ Anniversaries — Chad and Beth Brewer, Randy and Kathie LeDrew, Johnny and Wanda Martin, John and Shirley McCausland, Shea and Carlie Sims

    OR USE OUR PRAYER REQUEST FORM. or call 943-8367

    A few more notes ... 

    ■ Copies of Our Daily Bread and magazines are available at the back of the church.

    ■ Please use the prayer request cards found in the pews to add someone to our “joys and concerns” list. You can submit prayers and joys online through the church website.

    ■ Written and audio copies of sermons can be found on the church website.

    Pray for mission workers in Africa. 

    • Inge and Larry Sthreshley
    in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Pray for military friends and families. 

    • Haleigh Fulmer: U.S. Marine Corps, Middle East
    • Sgt. 1C Marc Barkley: Afghanistan
    • Dennis Trey Brown: U.S. Army, Afghanistan
     Zane Brewer: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, N.C.
     David Esparza: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, N.C.
     Jeffrey Cain: U.S. Coast Guard, St. Petersburg, Fla.
     Jeremy Rechkemmer: U.S. Army in Stuttgart, Germany
     • Capt. Jeremy 
    Timm: National Guard in Arkansas
    • Cody Havel: U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, Fla.
     • M.Sgt. Jason Rogers: U.S. Marine Corps, Nashville, Tenn.


    The Rev. Keith Cardwell, pastor: 251-923-6961
    Jody Beth Melton, assistant pastor:

    Lisa Cardwell, music director
    Abby Sikes, preschool director

    Church office: 251-943-8367

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